La Terre en suspens – Micro edition artist book 2024

Title : La Terre en suspens
Artist : François Quévillon
Year : 2024
Edition : 25 signed and numbered copies
Languages : French and English
Autors : Ariane Koek and François Quévillon 
Technical details : 21 x 14 cm (8,25 x 5,5 inches), 48 pages, colour, Cougar and metallic paper, Chicago binding screws.
Price : 65$ CAD (+GST=68,25$)

The exhibition La Terre en suspens draws inspiration from geology to probe space-time and the materiality of the digital. Mainly composed of digitized rock formations and fragments of territories altered by algorithms, the works echo the implications and effects of certain technologies on perception, while offering new perspectives on the evolution of the Earth, its composition and the processes that impact it, such as erosion, volcanism, as well as the extraction and transformation of minerals in a context marked by globalization and climate change.

Various iterations of La Terre en suspens were presented between 2021 and 2023 at Bang Centre (Chicoutimi), Centre d’art de Kamouraska, Centre d’exposition d’Amos and OBORO (Montreal). This micro edition artist book mainly features images of the works and photographies taken at OBORO in spring 2023. It also includes the essay The Matter of Time, written by Ariane Koek for this exhibition, and its French translation La matière du temps.

This micro edition of 25 copies was produced during a research/creation residency at Centre SAGAMIE in 2024. I would like to extend my warmest thanks to the entire SAGAMIE team, as well as to the individuals and organizations who supported and contributed to the processes of research, creation and presentation of the works published in the book.